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add(component:Object, componentClass:Class) — method, class ash.core.Entity
Add a component to the entity.
add(node:ash.core:Node) — method, class ash.core.NodeList
add(type:Class) — method, class ash.fsm.EntityState
Add a new ComponentMapping to this state.
add(listener:Function) — method, class ash.signals.SignalBase
add(listener:Function) — method, interface ash.tick.ITickProvider
addCustomCodec(codec:ash.io.objectcodecs:IObjectCodec, ... rest) — method, interface ash.io.enginecodecs.IEngineCodec
addCustomCodec(codec:ash.io.objectcodecs:IObjectCodec, ... rest) — method, class ash.io.enginecodecs.ObjectEngineCodec
addCustomCodec(codec:ash.io.objectcodecs:IObjectCodec, type:Class) — method, class ash.io.objectcodecs.CodecManager
addEntity(entity:ash.core:Entity) — method, class ash.core.Engine
Add an entity to the engine.
addInstance(system:ash.core:System) — method, class ash.fsm.EngineState
Creates a mapping for the System type to a specific System instance.
addMethod(method:Function) — method, class ash.fsm.EngineState
Creates a mapping for the System type to a method call.
addNode(node:ash.signals:ListenerNode) — method, class ash.signals.SignalBase
addOnce(listener:Function) — method, class ash.signals.SignalBase
addProvider(provider:ash.fsm:ISystemProvider) — method, class ash.fsm.EngineState
Adds any SystemProvider.
addSingleton(type:Class) — method, class ash.fsm.EngineState
Creates a mapping for the System type to a single instance of the provided type.
addState(name:String, state:ash.fsm:EngineState) — method, class ash.fsm.EngineStateMachine
Add a state to this state machine.
addState(name:String, state:ash.fsm:EntityState) — method, class ash.fsm.EntityStateMachine
Add a state to this state machine.
addSystem(system:ash.core:System, priority:int) — method, class ash.core.Engine
Add a system to the engine, and set its priority for the order in which the systems are updated by the engine update loop.
addSystem(system:ash.core:System, priority:int) — method, class ash.integration.swiftsuspenders.SwiftSuspendersEngine
addToEngine(engine:ash.core:Engine) — method, class ash.core.System
Called just after the system is added to the engine, before any calls to the update method.
addToEngine(engine:ash.core:Engine) — method, class ash.tools.ListIteratingSystem
advanceTime(frameTime:Number) — method, class ash.integration.starling.StarlingFixedTickProvider
advanceTime(frameTime:Number) — method, class ash.integration.starling.StarlingFrameTickProvider
apply(targetType:Class, activeInjector:org.swiftsuspenders:Injector, injectParameters:flash.utils:Dictionary) — method, class ash.integration.swiftsuspenders.NodeListProvider
ArrayObjectCodec — class, package ash.io.objectcodecs
ash.core — package
The core classes of Ash for the core Engine, Systems and Entities.
AshExtension — class, package ash.integration.robotlegs
A Robotlegs extension to enable the use of Ash inside a Robotlegs project.
ash.fsm — package
Classes for creating and managing finite state machines in a game.
ash.integration.robotlegs — package
Integration with the Robotlegs MVC framework.
ash.integration.starling — package
Integration with the Starling 2d rendering library.
ash.integration.swiftsuspenders — package
Integration with the Swift Suspenders dependency injection library.
ash.io.enginecodecs — package
Classes for serialization/deserialization of a game.
ash.io.objectcodecs — package
Classes used by engine codecs for serialization/deserialization of properties of a game.
ash.signals — package
A simpler and more performant version of AS3-signals. Used internally in Ash and available for use in your game too.
ash.tick — package
Various different methods for providing a tick for the game loop.
ash.tools — package
Miscellaneous other useful bits and pieces.
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